Our Teams

We are travel consultants and many of our support team have either lived or traveled extensively within the destinations they plan for you. They understand what needs to happen on all fronts to ensure your arrangements go smoothly and effortlessly.

People often speak of that secret “Swain Sauce” that sets us apart from other travel companies. It is the winning combination of strong family values rooted in service and professionalism along with destination knowledge that keeps discerning travelers coming back for more.

We love our profession because we know we have the ability to help create positive experiences for our travelers which result in the same for the people,
animals and environments they encounter.

What are the local hot spots? What are the hidden gems? What are the places and who are the characters that will embellish the stories of your lifelong memories? This is the trip of a lifetime we help you create and we do it with personal service, high standards and “No Worries!”

Kuenzang Norbu
Chief Travel Guide

Kuenzag is one of the professional travel guides. He had been working with this company since the establishment.

Kelzang Dema

Kelzang has been with us since the company is started. Her managerial skills is top notch with friendly behaviour.