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Bhutan is in between India and the Tibetan region of China. Bhutan was known as ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ is one of the most exotic destinations in the world, and often also referred as the last Shangri-la. Bhutan is blessed with outstanding landscapes, majestic snow-capped peaks, and rich cultural heritage.

Bhutan is popular for its age-old living culture, clean environment- almost no pollution and colorful festivals with spectacular landscapes and impressive landmarks. Also called the Last Shangri-la, religion, and nature is in harmony working their magic in this mystical land. Religion is deeply rooted in Bhutan and is the only Buddhist Kingdom in the world. It’s also called the Land of the Thunder Dragon.

The ideal time for Bhutan travel is during autumn (September-November) and spring (March-May) seasons. Many colorful festivals are celebrated during these periods with the weather being warm and skies clearer.

Bhutan visa is required for every foreign traveler to enter Bhutan. Visa has to be processed by a local tour operator and no foreign embassy abroad grants tourist visa. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you leave Bhutan. The visa cost is US$40 per person.

Visa Confirmation Letter: which we shall arrange prior your trip for which please send scanned copies of your passport. The actual visa will be stamped upon arrival in Paro International Airport.
Itinerary: of the tour which you are going on.

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